Friday, September 18, 2009

Review: Ansel Adams in Color

For me, Ansel Adams was a black and white photographer. I love his exquisite photography and own several books of his photos. I was surprised when this book came out. I never knew that he had such an extensive portfolio of color photography. I was apprehensive about what was inside of the book and to my surprise it was beautiful!

The book has 2 sets of writing and in between them the color photographs. I could not find a "bad photo". Some of the pictures are color pictures of his black and white ones. If you are a fan of Ansel Adams you will probably not like this book too much. But the writings are the best part. The second set of writings are from Ansel Adams himself. They express his feeling quiet well.

On page 147, Adams says "My own reaction to color photography is a mixed one. I accept its importance as a medium of communication and information. I have yet to see -- much less produce -- a color photograph that fulfills my concepts of the objectives of art. It may approach it, give pleasure and induce contemplation but it never seems to me to achieve the happy blend of perception and realization which we observe in the greatest black-and-white photographs. I believe that color photography, while astonishingly advanced technologically, is still in its infancy as a creative medium."

This says it all about this book.

Thanks to Hachette for the opportunity to review this book.