Thursday, May 7, 2009

Jungle Jack's The Wackiest, Wildest, and Weirdest Animals in the World by Jack Hanna

This book is a great read for children. The book covers thirty different animals and tells interesting facts about each one. Each page focuses on a different animal and the characteristics that make it wacky, wild, or weird. There is a great variety of animals, from lions and elephants to echidna and binturongs, and the pictures included are enjoyable to look at. There are at least three or four pictures of each animal on each page that shows the animal in different poses and gives the reader a good idea of what they look like in the wild. Also each page explains why the animal is either wacky or weird. Including what they eat, where they live and how big they grow. Some parts of the animals are magnified to point out something a little bit weird or different.

As an added bonus, the book also features a DVD with bloopers and behind the scenes from Jack Hanna’s “Into the Wild" TV show.

I would recommend this book for anyone that loves to learn about animals. Although this book is targeted to kids, the one thing that I missed is a table of contents. I had to flip through the book to find the animals and a table of contents would have been helpful.

As a member of the Thomas Nelson Review Blogger program, I recommend this book for anyone interested in teaching young children a little about animals. Hopefully, this will make the children more interested in learning about animals.