Saturday, December 8, 2012

Book Review

Moufflet: More Than 100 Gourmet Muffin Recipes That Rise to Any Occasion
by Kelly Jaggers 

This book contains a lot of muffin recipes subdivided in several sections: Sweet Escapes which contains Uniquely Sweet Creations and Hearty Fruits, Nuts and Oats; Savory Sensations which contains Brunch, Lunch and Dinner Muffins, and Savory Spicy and a Little Sweet; To Top It Off which contains Sensational Spreads and Crumbles and Glazes; and an Index.

Each muffin recipe comes with an introduction, the list of ingredients and the baking instructions. It also has some pictures which in some cases combine a couple of the recipes.

The one thing that I experienced was that the recipes said 18 muffins but I barely got 12 muffins. I think that I might be using a larger muffin pan than the author used.

I tried a few recipes and they all came out tasting very good. I really liked the Dulce de Leche muffins (page 33) and the Vanilla Bean Apple muffins (page 48) on the more traditional muffins. On the savory side I liked the Pepper Jack Chorizo muffins (page 145).

I recommend this book if you are into muffins and want a recipe book that will open the creative part of you.  

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